The road to peace

I wondered myself the other day how could I define a successful person after I watched a documentary about Benjamin Franklin. Although Franklin had a list of great accomplishments, going from poverty to riches, inventing so many things (lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, Franklin stove, urinary catheter etc) I was dissapointed by his attitude in […]

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Heroes want solutions

I came across recently upon a very nice quote, which sparked my attention. It is a quote of  Winston Churchill. He said “I am easily satisfied with the very best”. I took a deep breath and started to think. In our society most people settle. It is easy to give in to peer pressure and […]

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The miracle of life

There is a very cute detail for the eyes to look at when you see a couple having a summer walk while caring for their newborn baby in the stroller: baby feet. It is so adorable to see those tiny forms of what will help us walk most of our lives. We as adults barely […]

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Planting seeds for eternity

Throughout our lives if we were to start counting the number of people we’ve met, we would be amazed. The degree to which our interactions happen and influence us is very hard to notice and to analyse because we take life as it happens, we rarely put pause and ponder. Going through childhood and adolescence […]

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Your legacy

Reaching a state of calm is not always easy. Life can throw things at you one after another and there is no way you can escape that. You just have to learn to cope with it better. And learn when to shift gears. It is easy to lose sight of the things which really matter […]

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Face it or fear it

I never was an extremely religious person. Like all the kids, I sometimes went to church on Sundays because parents told me so. I did not get the importance of being religious because I saw a lot of people being awful with each other after they left church. Gossiping, doing harm, malice….. The imperfections of […]

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The love equation

How on Earth do those happy couples find each other and live happily ever after while millions of tormented souls end up in a dead love zone? Error after error after error. The cycle of unsuccessful romantic relationships can be a cruel voracious whirlpool throwing you in the lonely cemetery of half dead hearts. A […]

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Dream a little dream of me

Falling in love with someone new after a break up is difficult. The heart needs to heal. It is particularly even more difficult when you did not receive proper apologies or had stuff explained to get a sort of closure. Nowadays people do things over the phone and then act like it is all ok. […]

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Fortitudine vincimus

Justice is a fine art word. I used to think as a child that you can find justice to be done fairly and that it is fair to expect people to be interested in doing things the right way. I was naive. The problem with justice is that it is almost never universal. Each person […]

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Side by side

What is one of the most hurtful thing that could happen to your heart? On a level of pain from 1 to 10, there are so many things that people would describe as a dagger in their soul. 1 being a small one, 10 being the full force army style one. What hurts very slightly […]

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